mastermind world 0.3TYO

Our matte black KN95 meets the iconic skull and crossbones of cult streetwear brand Mastermind World in this super limited-run collaboration. 6-ply technology with double filtration, streamlined profile, and reflective logo for upgraded protection and style.

I am a voter 0.2PHL

Our limited-edition I am a voter.® tote bag starter kit has a message: our democracy works best when we all participate. 100% biodegradable (and refillable!) tote bags with a reusable and reflective shoulder strap to keep you comfy and visible whether you’re running errands or headed to the polls. 15% of each kit is donated to I am a voter.®, a nonpartisan organization working to increase participation in voting and civic engagement.

roarguns 0.2TYO

In this limited edition collab, street fashion house roarguns meets our matte black medical mask. Japanese designer Hamanaka’s iconic graphic design features two vintage, western-style pistols forming an ‘x’ to create a powerful statement: love and peace over violence.


Our newest KN95 and everyday medical masks are a bold pink with a bold mission. This October, we’re donating 10% of each limited-edition pink everyday and KN95 mask’s purchase price to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® — an organization dedicated to advancing the world’s most promising research and ending breast cancer. For good.

human 0.1LDN

The beautiful spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation is something to celebrate — and that starts with supporting LGBTQIA+ kids. Each limited-edition HUMAN mask supports GLSEN, a national nonprofit working every day to ensure LGBTQIA+ students are able to learn and grow at school free from bullying and harassment.

silence the shame 0.1ATL

Most people will struggle with their mental health at some point in their lifetime. But, there are a lot of stigmas associated with mental health — and that’s a problem. In honor of National Silence the Shame Day, we’ve partnered with Naked Cashmere to create a limited-edition mask to support Silence the Shame, a nonprofit helping help fight mental health stigmas and support mental well-being. Be kind to your mind — mental well-being is important.


 SIGG’s cult design water bottles (two are on permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art) have met our hyper-minimal aesthetic in this limited-edition collab. Made in Switzerland, our SIGG water bottle uses a single piece of nearly indestructible, high-quality aluminum that won’t alter the taste of your drinking water — and is marked with the coordinates of the Great Barrier Reef as a reminder to reduce plastic and protect our amazing planet.

I am a voter 0.1PHL

Our democracy works best when we all participate, so we’ve partnered with i am a voter.™ to support voter participation and (safely) get out the vote. We’re donating a portion of the proceeds to i am a voter.™ and extra medical-grade masks to various election sites to keep folks safe at the voting booth — plus, each mask is stamped with the coordinates of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Because wherever we vote, we’re connected to the birthplace of our democracy.

mindseeker 0.1LAX

Founded in Los Angeles by a creative team with deep roots in Japanese street culture, mindseeker’s motto is to embrace self-uniqueness — and our limited-edition green mindseeker medical mask is one more way to express who you are through what you wear.

mastermind JAPAN 0.1TYO

Founded by designer Masaaki Homma, the enigmatic cult streetwear brand mastermind JAPAN has built a reputation for its minimal, dark streetwear and rejecting established norms — all while highlighting Japan’s quality in fabrics and craftsmanship. In this limited edition collab, Homma’s iconic skull and crossbones meets our matte black medical mask for yet another quality, seasonless streetwear moment.

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