this is bigger than us

wellness for all

Our story is about more than us because it’s about all of us.

We transform daily essentials with a focus on wellness because we believe good health belongs to everyone. We even stamp a global coordinate on our products as a reminder that we’re all connected — no matter our gender, race, religion or geographic location.

Based in NYC, our team works hard to design and make innovative wellness products that are medically effective, affordable, and stylish (bye bye blue masks!). Unlike cloth or even 2-ply masks, our evolvetogether™ face masks are produced start-to-finish in an entirely sterile FDA-registered PPE factory and features a 3-ply technology that protects you and others by filtering >95% bacteria and particles. Highly breathable and lightweight (runners love us!), our masks feature an adjustable nose bridge and comfort ear loops for a soft, no-tug fit.

Thank you for your support and for sharing in our mission for a healthier, more caring world. Let’s evolve together!

By the numbers:

100% biodegradable, recycled and plant-based packaging
15,000 masks donated to date via the ACLU and Covenant House
>95% BFE and BPE (bacteria and particle filtration efficiency)
3 layers for maximum comfort and protection
100% sterile factory processing start to finish
0 ugly blue masks
1 — The only FDA-registered consumer-facing mask company