capture carbon. plant hope.

together we grow

No one can change the world alone. But together, we can grow forests. Each time you donate $1 at checkout, we plant a tree in your name with One Tree Planted, helping capture carbon to ensure thriving forests and clean air for current and future generations. 

50,000 trees. 150 acres.

currently planting: palizada, mexico

Located in a rural area of southeastern Mexico, this reforestation project helps local people and the planet by growing saplings in local nurseries and employing 50 local families who are trained in sustainable forest management and caring for ecosystems. The 60 hectares we reforest will help replenish degraded land, protect endangered species (like the spider monkey and jaguar!), and will capture one million tons of CO2 every 10 years!

one tree. one future.

we’re making real impact

Trees do so much for us. They give us (and future generations!) clean air and water, prevent soil erosion, support local economies and protect endangered wildlife. They also do the hard work of capturing carbon in the atmosphere and bringing it back into itself and the soil — something that we humans need a bit of help with. 

our planet. our progress.

planting trees for all of us, by all of us

One tree may not seem like a lot. But when we work together, we can make real impact, real quick. Thanks to your $1 donations at checkout, we’re helping One Tree Planted and their community partners complete reforestation projects where it’s needed most.