doing good. every day.

better daily essentials for a better world

everyday care. next level sustainability.

personal care that’s gone today, not tomorrow

Part of our Gone Today collection, our new face wash and hand soap powders use 2x less water and come in 100% dissolvable packaging for a zero trace clean at-home or on-the-go.

hydrated hands. happy hands.

vitamin-powered hydration

Our fast-absorbing hand cream delivers natural hydration without any greasy, sticky residue — and comes with a forever-recyclable aluminum tube and large cap design for less waste and less mess.

earth-friendly lip balm. naturally effective.

meet the lip balm worth smiling about

Made with people and the planet in mind, our natural lip balm comes in a luxe biodegradable tube and uses the power of coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, and shea butter to soothe, moisturize, and soften dry, flaky lips — with zero stickiness. 

naturally plant-powered. simply effective.

personal care for everyone (and a cleaner planet)

From sustainable packaging to hardworking and plant-based ingredients, our everyday personal care line is made with you and our planet in mind. Even better, 5% of the entire collection helps Take 3 for the Sea keep our oceans clean.

earth-friendly convenience. people-friendly design.

biodegradable storage bags with a conscience

Our disposable plastic storage bags fully biodegrade in months, not centuries. Made with re-use in mind, our small, tall, medium, and large storage bags have a multi-use kind of vibe so you can do good whether you’re packing lunch or packing for a trip.

zero toxins. zero mess.

peel-and-stick mosquito protection

Made for everyone, this DEET-free, powerful blend of peppermint and citronella essential oils help repel mosquitos for 6 to 8 hours — just stick one or more on your clothing, tents, or outdoor chairs and spend more time outside.

50,000 trees. 124 acres.

currently planting: denmark

Each time you donate $1 at checkout, we plant a tree in your name with One Tree Planted, helping offset your carbon footprint and ensure thriving forests and clean air for current and future generations. Our current project is helping create a protected forest on marginal farmland to improve soil, water, biodiversity, and woodland recreation and education in Denmark’s western Jutland.