checked in set


Upgrade your stay with a convenient mix of zero waste travel face wash coconut powder face wash, tall and large-sized biodegradable storage bags, super hydrating lip balm, and three mini natural deodorants.

what you get

  • 3 mini natural deodorants (Havana, Monaco, Tulum)
  • 30 travel coconut powder face wash packets (Fiji)
  • 32 tall biodegradable storage bags (Glacier Bay)
  • 15 large biodegradable storage bags (Glacier Bay)
  • 1 hydrating lip balm (Provence)

why you’ll love it

  • 3 natural deodorants in our bestselling scents and a mini, easy-to-pack size
  • Hydrating lip balm in Provence is a calming, modern lavender made for everyone
  • 100% biodegradable storage bags to store everything from hard-to-pack toothbrushes and makeup brushes to portable electronics
  • Individually-wrapped face wash with 100% dissolvable packaging for a zero waste

made with

  • Natural deodorant: Plant-powered formula absorbs excess moisture and neutralizes odors
  • Lip balm: Soothing coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba seed oil
  • Face wash: Natural ingredients cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize all skin types
  • Storage bags: 100% food safe, biodegradable, and compostable material

doing good

  • Made with a reusable plastic shell and forever-recyclable glass and aluminum refill vials
  • Made in socially and environmentally responsible factories
  • Packaging: 100% biodegradable and reusable pouch printed with soy ink

global coordinates

The numbers on this product are the global coordinates of locations inProvence, Havana, Monaco, Tulum, Fiji, and Glacier Bay — a reminder that we’re all connected no matter our gender, race, religion, or where we live.

other details

  • Lip balm: .28oz / 8g
  • Mini deodorants: 0.63oz / 18g
  • Travel face wash: Each individual packet measures 2in x 3.5in / 5.1cm x 8.9cm, is septic safe, and includes enough powder for a single wash
  • Glacier Bay: 12.6in x 9.8in / 32cm x 25cm (large), 9.5in x 3.5in / 24cm x 9cm (tall)
  • All personal care products are processed in a shared facility.

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