gone today. not tomorrow.

meet our award-winning
(and zero waste) hand soap

Our hand soap is award-winning for a reason: a hydrating, plant-powered formula in sophisticated scents with 100% dissolvable packaging that completely disappears under running water for a zero waste wash wherever you go.

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no bottles, no waste, no trace

plant-powered. high-powered.

wash, smooth, hydrate

Soothing coconut oil and hydrating glycerin team up to leave hands feeling clean, smooth, and moisturized.

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zero waste. zero trace.

clean hands, clean planet

After pouring the hand wash powder into your hand, drop the empty packet into the sink and watch it quickly disappear under running water. Then wash, rinse, and go. 100% septic safe.

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voted best hand soap

“this dissolvable hand soap blew me away.”

byrdie’s 2022 eco beauty awards

voted best game changer

“this waterless powdered hand soap is a game changer when you’re traveling.”

cosmopolitan’s 2022 holy grail awards


care more. give back.

made to keep oceans clean

Every day, over 8 million pieces of plastic end up in our oceans. That’s why our Gone Today collection uses dissolvable packaging — and why 5% of each personal care item (like our hand soap!) helps the nonprofit Take 3 for the Sea keep our oceans clean.